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What is Deckmaster ?

DECKMASTER® is a premium hidden deck fastening system which was designed by Weston Leavens, a professional deck builder, who wanted to give his customers a premium quality fastening system that enhanced not only the look of the deck, but last years longer than conventional decks.

DECKMASTER® is a patented fastening system that eliminates the damage to deck boards caused by other fastening systems. Screwing or nailing through the top of the deck boards is not only unsightly, but also allows the wood to crack, warp, split, rot, stain, pop up and become a possible hazard to bare feet.

Screws Included!

More Beautiful Decks

When you build a deck with the DECKMASTER® Hidden Deck Bracket System, there are no unsightly nails or nail stains to blemish the beauty of the wood. More and more people are using their decks as an extension of their home and want these decks to have the same look and beauty of their interior flooring. Using the DECKMASTER® fastening system gives you result of a smooth, unmarred surface that looks like a premium quality hardwood floor.

Durable Decks

DECKMASTER® Hidden Deck Bracket System fastens deck boards from underneath reducing the chance for water damage around exposed screws and nails. To reduce warpage, every deck board is double-screwed from the bottom, creating a solid, stable deck. The unique design of the 22.5” long powdercoated brackets create an air space between the deck board and joist reducing the potential for water damage. Maintenance is easy because there are no surface nails or screws to damage your cleaning equipment. Add: Deckmaster has the highest uniform uplift values of any hidden fastener options. Please view the Deckmaster Uplift Values by clicking here.

Safer Decks

Construct a safer deck with DECKMASTER® Hidden Deck Bracket System. You eliminate nail pops and wood splinters resulting from the surface nails or screws now used in conventional deck construction. Bare feet are safer on the smooth surface of the deck built with the DECKMASTER® System. No more hot screws or nails to step on in the summer. No more "painful jolts" when shoveling the snow off the deck in the winter.

Why Ordinary Decks Fail?

With conventional deck construction, nails are driven through the heart of the deck boards into wood support joists. As wood shrinks, nails loosen and pop up, which is not only hazardous, but allows water to penetrate through the deck boards and into the support joists causing wood rot. No matter what kind of preservative you use, water seeps through nail holes into the wood, creating wood rot.

DECKMASTER® Hidden Deck Bracket System helps reduce the potential for water damage around exposed nails and screws a primary cause for wood rot. Even screwing does not eliminate the need to tighten the screws once the wood shrinks, and does not eliminate deck rot.

Other hidden fastening systems still penetrate the top of the joist allowing for water seepage and damage around the exposed fastener. They also tend to work loose with the expansion and contraction of the wood, causing squeaks and loose boards. DECKMASTER® holds the boards tight, and is the best in eliminating any surface penetration.

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