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Strait-Flex® flexible, paper-faced composite corner beads adjust to any angle to create perfect inside and outside 90° and off-angle corners. The composite structural backing provides strength for durability and a superior bond to the drywall surface. The heavyweight, diamond-punched paper provides maximum adhesion for an even lay-down of the paper edge and will not fuzz-up during finish sanding.

Strait-Flex® paper-faced composite construction delivers a significant savings on joint compound usage by using up to 50% less joint compound when compared to standard corner beads. Finishing compound is not required over the laminated area of the bead, just use a light skim coat on the outer edges. The paper surface is pre-treated to accept primer or paint.

Available in three widths, our flexible, paper-faced composite corner beads can meet any drywall finishing challenge. Installs with all-purpose joint compound. Available in 100 ft. rolls that can be cut to length in the field to minimize scrap loss.