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Joint Tape

Grabber offers a full line of taping options including professional grade spark perforated tape and fiberglass mesh tape.

Grabber's high tensile strength spark perforated tape resists tearing and distortion. This tape is designed to use with all quality joint compounds to connect drywall sections and reinforce corners prior to a broad range of wall treatments. Position and apply Gypsum Panels in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations. Joint preparation; follow printed instructions on the joint compound container for use of compound. Designed to work with Bazooka & Banjo-style taping machines; automatic taping systems and for hand taping.

Grabber's fiberglass mesh tape is a self-adhesive drywall joint tape and is the best quality mesh tape in use today. Our specially primed adhesive strength is intended to execute in all environments, this is especially important where heat and humidity may cause other products to meet with complications. Customer feedback has shown superior bond ratings versus our competition.