Most Frequently Asked Questions About CB Clips
Question: What Type Of Steel Is The CB Clip Made Of?
Answer: 25 Gauge Galvanized Steel.
Question: What Type Of Columns & Beams Will The CB Clip Fit On?
Answer: Fits Any Column Or Beam From A 3/16 to 1 " flanges.
Question: What Is The Size Of The CB Clip?
Answer: 2 3/8 Inch Wide By 2 Inch High By 2 Inch Deep.
Question: How Far Does The CB Clip Protrude Out From The Column Or Beam?
Answer: Protrudes Out From The Column Or Beam 1" Inch And It Has More Screw Surface.
Question: Is The CB Clip (ul) Underwriters Laboratory Approved?
Answer: Yes. The Only Classified (ul) Underwriters Laboratory Approved Clip In The USA and Canada For Columns & Beams.
Question: What Is The Fire Rating On CB Clip?
Answer: CB Clips Are Fire Rated As Follows In The Fire Resistance Directory Using The Following Designed Numbers.
  • (1) Hour Rating Is X528
  • (2) Hour Ratings Are X517, X520, X523, X528, X535.
  • (3) Hour Rating Are X513, X528, X535.
  • (4) Hour Rating Are X522, X535.
For The Beam Fire Resistance Index Design Numbers
  • (2) Hour Rating Is N501, & N502.
  • (3) Hour Rating Is N505.
Question: What Is Required To Install The CB Clips If I Have A Column That Must Be Fire Rated?
Answer: You Need A 1 1/2" Inch Angle Iron Which Is Used For Your Screw Pattern Per Ul Specs.
Question: If I Don't Have To Fire Proof The Column Will I Need A 1 Inch Angle Iron?
Answer: No. Just Put The CB Clips Directly On The Column Or Beam.
Question: Why Do I Want To Use Your CB Clip?
Answer: The Competitive Edge Over Your Competition. It Saves You 65% In Production Time.( Labor) You Can Frame A Column In Less Than 2 Minutes... 20 Columns Per Hour.
Question: How Many CB Clips To A Column?
Answer: The CB Clips Is Placed Every 4 Feet (example: If You Have A 8 Foot Column You Would Need 12 Clips. If You Have A 10 Foot Column You Would Need 16 Clips.)

Question: How Many CB Clips To A Beam?
Answer: The CB Clip Is Placed On Beams Every 2 feet
Question: How Many CB Clips To A Master Case?
Answer: 240 CB Clips To A Master Case. Four (4) Boxes, Each Containing 60 Clips Per Box.
Question: How Much Does The Cb Case Weigh?
Answer: The CB Master Case Weighs 47 Lbs. (12 Lbs for the 60 clip box)
Question: How Many Cases To A Pallet?
Answer: There Are 18 Master Cases (72 Sixty Clip Boxes) To A Pallet